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IOGP, S-562 and API Spec 6D Ball Valves

Valve industry keeps growing from time to time. The device is people choice when it comes the time when they need something to flow and control liquids. There are several types of valve that differ in function, and one of them is ball valves. With the growth up of valve technology, there are also some variants of ball valves introduced to the public, include S-562.  The product recently released by IOGP (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) meets international standard that will give benefit to valve industry in general. Get to know about the S-562 specification in this article.


Ball Valves: Definition and Function

Ball valves have specific shape of quarter-turn valve. The device uses hollows to function. Basically, it pivots and perforates ball to control the flow of liquid through it. In the other words, this kind of valve is very perfect for shutting off purposes. The simple quarter turn shape of the device makes it possible for the users to close or open the valve. That is way the device can be used to reduce the risk of leakage and minimize the operation time of the valve. This is possible due to the existence of gland seal.  Materials used for this quarter – turn shaped valve’s construction consist of bronze, stainless steel, brass, titanium, chrome, PFA-lined, PVC, CPVC, and much more. That is why the device is considered strong, reliable, and durable. The nicest thing about the device is that it can perform well after lots of cycles and close tightly and securely even after you do not use it for long time. The device is divided into two categories, they are full bore and reduced bore. Full bore will be perfect the most if you want the device to minimize the pressure drop of liquid. Meanwhile, the reduced valve makes it possible for the device to open in smaller size of diameter in piping. But, if you have to compare between the two categories, the full bore is more preferred by people. There are also some types of ball valves, include top entry, single body, three – piece body, welded, and split body.


S-562 Specification

As the latest version of ball valves, the S-562 series comes up with more advance technology and better specification. The S-562 production comes from the idea that valve industry, especially the one in offshore sectors needs further standardization that can be internationally accepted. With the production of S-562, it is hoped that the device can be more beneficial for the offshore sectors that finally can stabilize the prices of oil. The S-562 specification launched by IOGP comes with title “Supplementary Requirements to API Spec 6D Ball Valves.” The specification augments of the S-562 is prepared by Joint Industry Project 33 about Standardization of Equipment Specification for Procurement. The document is aimed to give preferred standard solutions and meets minimum requirements relate to the interests of the industry. The supplementary documents include Supplier Deliverables Requirements List (SDRL) and Purchase Order Quality Requirements (POQR). For more info about this S-562 specification, you can visit